The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
News from the District
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2022 News
20.01.22   A New Member for Gyldeforda Tabernacle on their 25th Anniversary

2021 News
10.11.21   District 15 Surrey Annual Recorders Meeting
25.08.21   There is nothing genteel about playing Croquette!
20.04.21   First BBQ of the Year
18.03.21   Knight Templar Priests District 15 Get Together
16.03.21   Grand Ranks in Knight Templar Priests

2020 News
03.11.20   Important Message From Grand Lodge: Suspension of face to face meetings in England
01.10.20   More Get Togethers at Halfpenny Close
24.08.20   Another BBQ at Halfpenny Close
21.08.20   A Paella at Halfpenny Close
10.07.20   The District Grand Superintendent’s BBQ
08.07.20   Important Message From Grand Lodge: Ending of the Suspension of Masonic Activity
04.05.20   Further Guidance on Dealing with Masonic Administration
01.05.20   The Dedication of the Surrey District Banner
10.03.20   Coronavirus - Member Update

2019 News
09.09.18   The September Meeting of the Holy Trinity Tabernacle
30.07.19   The Fourth Annual District Garden Party
02.05.19   The May Meeting of the Holy Trinity Tabernacle

2018 News
25.10.18   The Consecration of the North Downs Tabernacle
10.09.18   The September meeting of the Holy Trinity Tabernacle
29.07.18   The Third Annual District Garden Party
18.05.18   Eleven New Candidates and High Priest for 184