The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
Eleven New Candidates and High Priest for 184

The Pride of Surrey Tabernacle held its summer meeting on Friday 18th May 2018 at the Sutton Masonic Halls, Grove Road. This was a rather exceptional event in that eleven Royal Arch Companions were received into the Order and became members of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests.

Whilst the logistics of the meeting were a little complicated given the wish to include all of the candidates in the ceremony, there is no doubt that the meeting was a total success. To organise and administer this meeting was a challenge in itself but was studiously dealt with by the Recorder, V Ill Knight Priest Simon Polkinghorne, PGVII.

With regard the ceremony of reception: this was carried out in an excellent manner by the High Priest, V Ill Knight Priest Chris Hatton, CHW, PGVI, ably assisted by Ill Knight Priest Peter Vosser, GKP, Dist. Treasurer, as Conductor and other willing and able helpers from other Tabernacles in the District.

Prior to this meeting the Pride of Surrey Tabernacle membership was, it must be admitted, small in number. The Tabernacle is now looking much more healthy. It will be further strengthened with two more candidates who, hopefully will be received into the Tabernacle and into the Order, at the next meeting in December.

It should also be recorded that, not only was the ceremony of reception undertaken for eleven new candidates but a new High Priest was also installed in the person of Very Eminent High Priest Bob Currie. Bob hails from Scotland and journeys down regualrly to particpate at 184’s meetings. The Ceremony of Installation was very ably performed again by Ill Knight Priest Chris Hatton who took much pleasure in installing his very good and long-standing friend into the “chair”. The Deputy Grand Recorder, Rt Ill Knight Priest Eric Brown, PGVII, CM, had travelled down from York especially to witness his good friend and Knight Priest Bob take the chair. The whole evening was looked on with much pleasure by the Rt Eminent Grand Superintendent, Jack Love, who had also been instrumental in gaining a good percentage of the new Candidates for the Tabernacle.

The work in the Tabernacle was rounded off with the Ceremony of the Grand Point, the Officiating Officer for which was the Grand Superintendent who was supported by his Deputy District Director of Cermonies, Ill Kt Priest Dan Turner, PGIV, CHM. All in all a very successful and enjoyable evening was had by all who attended more than thirty of whom sat down to dine following the work in the Tabernacle. ONWARD and UPWARD!

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