The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
Qualifications and Regalia

Qualifications for Membership
The qualifications for membership of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests and Order fo Holy Wisdom dictate that any prospective member must be a subscribing member of the following Masonic bodies:

In addition to the above, every member must be a Master Mason of three years standing and profess the Trinitarian Christian faith. An application form for reception into the Order is available here: An application form for Joining or Re-Joining is available here.

Regalia of the Priestly Orders
Knights Priest of the Order wear the following:

Tunic A tunic similar in every respect to that worn in the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple - Knight Templar. The tunic shall be the full length of the with the cross arms each between 120 and 153 mm long and to be Medici Crimson in colour.
MantleA pure white mantle with hood the lining of which must also be pure white in colour. The cords to attach the mantle over the Knight Priest’s shoulders are also to be of white cord. The Mantle should be of sufficient length to cover the knees.
MitresThe mitre is to be 216 mm high with a Medici Crimson Cross. The mitre of a High Priest and or a Past High Priest shall be 305mm in height with a Patriarchal Cross, the crosses being trimmed with god braid. All mitres are to have two 152 mm white ribbons at the back, 45mm in width at the mitre, tapering to 33mm at the end.  Those for Grand Gollege Officers and High Priests are to be adorned with gold tassles and those for Knight Priests with Medici Crimson tassles.
Crossed Croziers
Crossed CroziersOfficers of Grand College are to wear crossed croziers in gold embroidery or gilt metal, sized to fit a 76mm square, in the centre of the lower cross on the mitres with the pillar number directly above.
buffer Regalia for the Order of Holy Wisdom
The clothing of the Order of Holy Wisdom is that worn by a Knight Templar Priest, without the Mitre, and with the addition of a cordelier which must be worn in all Tabernacle meetings.