The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
A New Member for Gyldeforda Tabernacle on their 25th Anniversary

In January, Gyldeforda Tabernacle number 186 at last celebrated their 25th Anniversary after several Covid related delays. They were joined by R. Em. Kt. Pt. Jack Love, District Grand Superintendent and a very special guest, R. Ill. Kt. Pt. Brian Wisbey, Assistant Grand High Priest.

The Assistant Grand High Priest was escorted by his Director of Ceremonies, V. Ill. Kt. Pt. John Roberts, and his Standard Bearer Ill. Kt. Pt. Steve Jones.

The Tabernacle saw a new member join the order, Kt. Pt. James Sarson, in a ceremony superbly conducted by the V. Em. High Priest, Paul Kerswell.

A New Member for Gyldeforda Tabernacle on their 25th Anniversary

V. Ill Kt. Pt’s Bob Upton and Arnold Long were presented with their 25 year long service awards by the District Grand Superintendent.

The District Grand Superintendent was presented with a “Grey” collarette by R. Ill. Kt. Pt. Wisbey, to mark the contribution made to the Pillar Fund by the District. In turn the District Grand Superintendent present the Tabernacle with its own “Grey” collarette, thanking them for their contribution.

An interesting talk on the foundation of the Tabernacle was given by V. Ill. Kt. Pt. Peter Brown, aided by R. Ill. KT. Pt Ian Smith, Past Assistant Grand High Priest and V. Ill. Kt. Pt Bob Upton.

Article by Steve Jones

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