The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
There is nothing genteel about playing Croquette!

There is nothing genteel about playing Croquette!The District Grand Superintendent and District Recorder along with their wives, Jenny and Karen were invited to spend the afternoon playing croquette by Richard Floyd, who some of you may know.

Jack and Jenny were regular attendees to this annual competition but for Steve and Karen this was their first attempt.

What at first appearances was going to be a very pleasant genteel afternoon turned out to be competitive knockout event!

The District Executive eventually found their way to meet each other in the final and after a close fought game it came down to who hit the pin first.

The District Recorder lined himself up for the winning shot, playing by the rules.

The District Grand Superintendent 'missed' his shot but miraculously ended up 6 inches away from the pin from where he was able to win the game with his next shot.

After reflecting on his future, the District Recorder congratulated his Boss on a game well played and won by better team!

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