The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
District 15 Surrey Annual Recorders Meeting

On Saturday 6th November the District Executive and Tabernacle Recorders of District 15 came together via Zoom for their Annual meeting, forsaking the bacon butties of Guildford!

District 15 Surrey Annual Recorders Meeting

The District Grand Superintendent R.Em.Kt.Pt. Jack Love chaired the meeting and was delighted to see everyone looking so well, especially the District Recorder who had just completed his 10 days of splendid isolation following a positive Covid-19 PCR test.

The District Treasurer, Ill.Kt.Pt. Peter Vosser, updated the attendees with the position of the District as regards the Pillar Fund and urged everyone to greater efforts.

Em.Kt.Pt. Chris Eley, Recorder of Holy Trinity Tabernacle, urged other Tabernacles to take a photo and send in a brief report on their meetings so these can be added to our web site news pages.

Em.Kt.Pt. Anton Smith, Acting Recorder of Saxon Tabernacle, was able to confirm that he had received an application form from a well-known Surrey Mason, W.Bro. Bob Hancock, Intendant General of the Red Cross of Constantine in Surrey!

The District Grand Superintendent was looking forward to attending that meeting and indeed resuming his visits throughout the District in 2022.

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Our District Grand Superintendent said that he looked forward to seeing many members of the District at the County Club Dinner in Guildford on the 20th November 2021.

Article by Steve Jones and photo by Chris Eley

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