The Order of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & Order of Wisdom - District 15
A Paella at Halfpenny Close

The District Grand Superintendent, RT Em Kt Pt Jack Love, and his wife Jenny, once again opened up their garden to two couples, this time to celebrate his birthday. Not a Knight Priest yet, “Archie” Parsons and his wife Millie and the District Recorder, Ill Kt Pt Steve Jones and his current wife, Karen.

The highlight was the production of one of Jack’s famous paellas.

A Paella at Halfpenny Close

‘Not a Knight Priest’ yet Archie, despite extolling the benefits of fasting, managed to consume three large portions of paella, two plates of cheese and biscuits and six Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

A Paella at Halfpenny Close

Several bottles of excellent wine accompanied the food and discourse, little of which passed the lips of the District Recorder, who was fasting himself in an effort to get his lockdown weight back under control after failing miserably to get into his Masonic attire the previous week for a Mark meeting!

Article by Steve Jones photos by Archie Parsons

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